Friday, 7 July 2017

Ellie's Dance

Ellie's dance from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.

Ellie made it into the Edendale's Got Talent Final last week but unfortunately she was sick, so she performed her dance that she would have done for the final in front of our class.

Celebration Time Week 10

 Congratulations to Laicey who achieved one of her Learning Goals!  Also well done to our great learners this week.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Celebration Time Week Nine

This week we had Edendale's Got Talent.  Belinda, Dustin, Ellie and Sophie F all participated.  Congratulations to all of them for getting up in front of their pairs and performing.
A big congratulations to Sophie F who partnered with Alice to perform as 'The Squeaks'.  They won!!!

 Our great learners this week also!!

MVP - Responsibility

Our MVP this week for Responsibility - Haepapa is Sophie F.  She is a wonderful Team Tui class member who demonstrates responsibility everyday.

Celebration Time Week Seven

We were on Celebration Time this week and shared our awesome Maui and the Sun art and stories that we completed with Miss McVicar.

Sophie was our Author of the Week.  Mr McKenzie read her retell of how Maui slowed the sun.

Tom and Claudia were our great learners this week, well done to both of you.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Celebration Time Week SIx Term Two

 Check out all our great learners this week!

Well done Ryan who has achieved one of his learning goals.

Bronze, Silver and Gold for Mathletics this week all went to Team Tui!!! 

Celebration Time Week Five Term 2

Congratulations to Lachie who recieved our MVP this week for Responsibility - Haepapa.  

Edendale Primary School

Edendale Primary School